Welcome to Bonzai Classics, your one stop shop for a look back at some of the very best music from yesteryear. At Bonzai we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of a wide range of modern music genres, something which we have proven and continue to prove with every release. But we never forget our roots, we started out at the back of a vinyl record store and from there we blossomed into a world renowned and much revered business running events, nurturing new artists and managing a collection of labels that are still regarded as pioneering to this day.

Bonzai Classics will be all about, well… the classics, those retro gems that made you lose yourself if only for one night in the darkest most electrifying venues or at a sun soaked festival. Our vast back catalogue is something to behold and Bonzai Classics will be the place to find those rarities as well as find out more info on the artists behind the music. Step into our virtual vault and rekindle your most vivid memories of a bygone era that refuses to fade away. Digging deep into the Bonzai history books, we aim to unlock those memories with sounds that defined an era, sounds that become tangible and sounds that bring those hedy days to life.

Join us on this new adventure into good old times and stock up on your own digital collection that will live on for years and years to come.