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Henrik Kantola, aka Chantola journeyed into the world ofelectronic music at the start of the millennium. Inspired bysome of the top jocks and a self driving passion, this youngFinnish talent began to produce in 2003. Beginning with AcidPro and a hardware sequencer, Chantola played with basicloops and short tracks. As the results came, so did hishunger to buy newer equipment and software. It was notuntil 2007 that Chantola really found his break. Teaming upwith a Helsinki based producer Jussi Vuorivirta, he formed aduo. Spiritus & Asper was born and full tunes began tomaterialize. In December 2008, their first completedproduction with the title Passion was snapped up by Oulubased Wavedata Records. As the momentum flowed, so didthe label signings. With tunes released on Spinnin’ Records,Black Hole Recordings, Baroque Records, Mistique Music,Bonzai Music and many more, this young Producer seem tobe doing something right. With several releases in 2009Chantola really got things going. Having his tracks onseveral CD compilations and Vinyl. He gained airplay fromthe biggest stars on the globe like. ARMIN VAN BUUREN,MARKUS SCHULZ , MR. SAM, LEON BOLIER, M.I.K.E,MENNO DE JONG, LANGE, EDDIE HALLIWELL to name afew. 2015 promises to be an important year for Chantola asthe expectations rise. Keep your ears pealed as you will besure to hear his tunes working their way into a whole host ofDJ sets.