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Electronic music has always played a major role … Born on 02.09.1988 Dirty Punching Percussions,short DPP made acquaintance with electronic music at early age. Even after years, he remained faithful to the music and began to celebrate in NRW’s hottest clubs … 2009 was the first visit to the Butan Club Wuppertal. Carried away by the people, the location and the DJ’s got it fixed “This is his shop.” After not old so many parties, he was enthusiastic about the Djing and the first mixer was purchased. Many months passed before he his talent in front of audiences could provide evidence below. Since he played in the night sound Willich, Stylish Club Neuss, S-One Club Hamm, Lounge58 Remscheid, Solingen enchanted forest / castle and in Butan Club Wuppertal.