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Guss Carver

Guss Carver


I’ve been producing and remixing since the early nineties and had several releases in different genres
From 2001 I started producing more techno on different labels, Mb elektronics, Session Recording, Invasion, Pornographic, Magura. In 2004 I
remixed some tracks from Filterheadz,Robbie Rivera, Zzino
Call me a versatile producer , I ‘m not attracted to one particular genre, I love dance music in all it’s aspects.
It can be techno, minimal trance and groovy house.
The good old days of vynil are over , the internet is great but for beginning artists but it involves a lot of effort. Everybody knows it’s hard to promote yourself these days.
Nowadays I still produce some techno and started Hypnocat label . From time to time I appear on stage in clubs or cosy places.

Check out my old releases or listen to some new material