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Stereo Exciter


Hugo F Santos Aka Stereo Exciter is a producer and DJfrom Portugal.He started to DJ in 2000 and soon took to the mixing desk in2008.His main styles of music are tech-house, techno,Progressive, Breakbeat and Drum&Bass is also a passion.Stereo Exciter has a few tracks to his name with his firstrelease on Piston Recordings entitled “Walking T he Path”.More releases would follow on Piston and Reamplified withhis tracks being selected for a number of compilations andlabel mixes.His goal is to keep producing and so doing one of the bestthings he loves to do.Some Realeses:Walking T he Path EP – Piston RecordingsDarkness EP – Piston RecordingsMechanical EP – RealAMPlified MusicTransient / Tennis EP – RealAMPlified MusicCREAT ORS OF T ECHNO, VOL. 4 – FutureaudioAnd Others…