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DJ PMC – Subplate

To close of 2018, one more classic needed to be release. Namely DJ PMC’s Subplate. Hailing from Germany Guido Hoppe returns to the original label stable of Bonzai, with his classic that once was released on Bonzai Records in 1998. 2 original versions can be found on this release, being the main track Subplate and Distortion To Static.

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System D – Trancefusion

To close 2018 with a bang, we’ve added a massive Belgian classic by Danny Sels under his guise System D.

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Airwave – Ladyblue (Original Release 2004 Bonzai Trance Progressive Cat No. BTP-101-2004)

One of Airwave’s seminal tracks that touched so many fans around the world, Ladyblue is regarded as one of his best. Originally released on Airwave’s debut album – Believe in 2002, in 2004 the track got its own full release as a 2 part vinyl offering, and quickly became a firm favourite among many. Accompanying the original mixes we had Markus Schulz and Antidote on remix and both mixes went down a storm in clubland. At the time Airwave aka Laurent Véronnez was already established as an icon in the trance and progressive worlds. A string of chart topping hits preceded this release and further cemented this guys solid rep, just one more reason to own a slice of history.

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Airwave – Above The Sky (Original Release 1999 Bonzai Trance Progressive Cat No. BTP6099)

Airwave’s second massive club banger hit the shelves in 1999 and rose quickly to become a go to track for many jocks. A peak time monster for sure, the breakdown made a very bold move by descending into total silence before slowly rising up with an insane energetic climax. The track gained notoriety for this and would become one of Laurent’s most instantly recognisable tracks. Several re-issues followed as well as a multitude of remixes from a hugely impressive list of artists. In 2010 we released a huge package of remixes to the delight of many. This classic release comes with original mixes and the fantastic 2002 remix. Also featured on this one is The Division Bell which is much revered among the purists with its driving bass and what would become Airwave’s signature synth play style. While most vinyl releases had The Division Bell on the B-side, some had the superb I Want To Believe.

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Airwave – Boredom (Original Release 2004 Bonzai Trance Progressive Cat No. BTP-105-2004)

Taken off Airwave’s 2004 double album – I want To Believe, Boredom ranks as one of the top progressive trance tracks of the time. A solid driving groove kept the energy levels rising and a wonderful euphoric breakdown got the hands in the air every time. The original vinyl release was B-sided with Last Flight To Gaia which could be considered as a masterclass in producing and signature styles. Tracks like these are where Airwave gets to show off his amazing musical imagination, starting off slowly and building up to a surreal frenzy before a powerful 4×4 kick punches through, stunning.

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Airwave – I Want To Believe (Original Release 1998 Bonzai Trance Progressive Cat No. BTP5098)

In 1998 Airwave burst onto the scene with the stunning I Want To Believe, this is the track that kickstarted a long and nurturing relationship for Laurent Véronnez and Bonzai Trance Progressive, the label had just started over 2 years earlier and was already heralded as the label that brought the world vocal, melodic, progressive trance. The original vinyl release came with the awesome Ultrafex Remix, featured here, alongside Venus Of My Dreams on the flip side. Another slice of classic prog trance to keep the peak time energy electrified.

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