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Airwave – 20 Years – Vinyl

Airwave, one of Belgium’s iconic underground dance music gurus celebrates 20 years and, to mark the occasion we have something really special lined up. From the moment this musical genius stepped into the Bonzai offices with those first, early recordings, we just knew he was going places with that unique, perfectionist sound he created. Two decades on, he is still creating supremely unique soundscapes that continue to captivate. For Airwave it’s all about the music, he puts his heart and soul into every production and is rewarded with dedication and loyalty from his massive fanbase. We at Bonzai couldn’t be prouder of his achievements and we know he will carry on in true Airwave style for hopefully, another 20 years.
To mark Airwave’s 20 years in the dance music business we’ve conjured up an irresistible multi format release of a choice selection of top cuts with both the collector and the working DJ in mind.
Continuing the vinyl revolution, it just wouldn’t be a proper celebration if we didn’t include some much-loved 12’s, we have a beautiful, precision cut, exclusive 4x Vinyl Box featuring selected works of new and classic tracks, complete with inlay giving insight into Airwave’s journey. You can expect gems such as Sunspot, Another Dimension, Save Me, When Things Go Wrong, Ladyblue and, for the first time ever on vinyl, I Want To Believe – Remix. Also making their vinyl debut we have contemporary slices Sadness In Black And White – Part 2, Tigris And Euphrates, Ping Pong, Cathedrals Of Hope, Atlas Winds and People Just Don’t Care. All tracks are fully re-mastered and ready and waiting for the needle drop.

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Essential Guide To Bonzai Records

Get ready for some serious heavy hitting cuts with DI.FM’s Essential Guide To Bonzai Records (1993-1996) on the Oldschool Techno & Trance Channel from 10pm EST (16:00 CET) on Friday 8th June 2018. DI.FM’s own Johan N. Lecander is the man behind the decks, pumping out the classics from the mighty Bonzai Records and he has chosen some supreme examples of the trusted Bonzai sound.

Tracks and remixes from Jones & Stephenson, Cherrymoon Trax, B.W.P. Experiments, Cortex Thrill, Franky Jones, Blue Alphabet, Dave Davis, DJ Hitch-Hiker & DJ Jacques Dumont, Kosmik Experience, Avalon, Groove Park, Phrenetic System and Trax Star among others, are blended together with expert precision into an explosive mix that will take you back to the glory days when hard trance and techno ruled. 1993 to 1996 where formative years for our humble label with much success in clubland and beyond. As history has shown, this was still only the beginning of a 26-year journey, and that journey continues.

We’re honoured to be showcased on the world’s leading online radio station, so get the strobe lights warmed up, crank up your speakers and enjoy the sound of Bonzai!

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DJ Jan, Vandueren – Rock Da House

DJ Jan aka Jan Van Der Staey and Filip Vandueren join forces to deliver a stomping retro themed slice on Bonzai Classics titled Rock Da House. These two veterans mark their Bonzai debut with this one and they bring over 2 decade’s worth of experience to the table. Jan started to DJ in 1988 and became the resident at Illusion in 1993. The 90’s brought much success with releases on Dance Opera as part of the Illusion team and in the 2000’s he impressed with tracks such as X-Santos. A powerhouse on the European scene with a beefy back catalogue, we’re excited he is here at BC. Filip is responsible for a plethora of hits throughout the 90’s and 2000’s. He enjoys a healthy dose of releases on Dance Opera as he was also part of the Illusion team. In 1995 he co-founded Milk Inc. and went on to release dozens of top tracks as wells as releasing almost 20 albums. Another Belgian powerhouse we’re delighted to have on board.

Rock Da House intros with a pulsating bassline groove which is joined by crispy hi hats and building percussions. Pumping kick drums come through alongside rising synths as the rhythm gathers pace and forming into a solid full on monster of a track. A short break reveals mesmerizing strings and a rising intensity as the cool classic style vocals ring out. The main break hits us with that agitated bassline and metallic percussions before the beats return with a superb trance-like gated synth melody in tow. A top notch slice with all the characteristics of a retro groove and a distinct contemporary production, not to be missed.


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The legendary trance duo Laurent Veronnez and Jurgen Leyers aka Fire & Ice are next in line for a special 25 years remix as part of our classics series. Heart & Mind gets a makeover from superlative trance DJ and producer Paul Pearson which is destined to become a firm favourite among the trance family all over the world. The guys burst onto the scene and took the trance world by storm in 1998, dominating our XTC imprint and other sub labels with tracks like Lost Emotions, Beyond My Control, Forever Young, Souvenir De Chine, Samoa and many more. Their sound became synonymous with the melodic, uplifting and energetic trance scene and hit after hit ensured their tracks always got peak time attention. At the top of their game they not only delivered quality tracks but numerous remix requests for a wide range of artists covering different genres opened them up to new audiences and cemented their place in the history of trance. In 2006 they took a step back, focusing on their solo ambitions before making a welcomed return in 2008, treating their throngs of fans to a couple of tentative farewell tracks. The original mix of Heart & Mind boasted a tight driving groove with melodic synths that soared into the stratosphere, taking us along for the ride. An absolute gem of a track that deserves a contemporary workout.

Paul Pearson is a hugely popular DJ and producer from the UK. He regularly appears at top venues alongside some of the biggest names in trance and has put out some fine original tracks and remixes since 2012 on labels such as Lost Language, Perfecto, Infrasonic and Enhanced Music to name just a few. He has graced the decks at Gatecrasher and Digital Society and he runs his own Pressure Podcast on AH FM and no doubt his profile will only get bigger as the years roll by. Here on the remix the intro sets off with a classic pumping beat as layered synths come together to dish out the energy. The bassline lifts the track beautifully, adding a tight bouncy groove as swirling pads and sweet melodies come through. The break descends into a serene sequence as that familiar melody fades in with some added vocal adding an extra spice. The synths open up for that hands in the air moment and a steady build up climaxes into full on mode. There is only one place this track will take you and that’s high in the sky with a wide brimming smile on your face, fantastic stuff.

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Body Shock – Full Moon – Freaked Frequency & The Digital Enzyme Remix

Body-Shock’s 2000 slice Full Moon is our next special Bonzai Classics remix and at the helm this time we’ve got Freaked Frequency & The Digital Enzyme with an absolute gem of a track firmly rooted in the psy arena. Bjorn Wendelen (DJ Ghost) and Laurent Veronnez (L-Vee) formed Body-Shock in 2000 and their first release – Sleepless – had this superb effort as the B-side. Full Moon quickly became a trance anthem in the super club era and was notably included on John 00 Fleming’s For Your Ears Only 3 x vinyl compilation. After several releases Yves Deruyter came on board to continue a string of top club hits that are still very much at the heart of classic nostalgia sets. The Body-Shock sound never disappoints, it derives intensity and that feeling of full on, non-stop thumping music.

Freaked Frequency aka Serbian psy trance aficionado Milojko Jaric joins forces once again with Bournemouth, UK based artist The Digital Enzyme aka Martin J Frewer to deliver a rip roaring slice to get the energy flowing. The guys have collaborated on several other psy projects in the past and they certainly form a formidable partnership in the studio. Milojko started to produce electronic music in his early teens and over 10 years he gained great success and popularity on the trance scene worldwide. His sound is recognizable and very unique with a harmony of various elements and positive vibes. DJ and producer Martin is known for his quality sets that sends the floors crazy. In recent years he has found himself in the studio knocking out slamming tracks and no doubt he will continue to provide the soundtrack to many venues in the future. On the remix here we get nothing short of a raucous psy fuelled energetic monster of a track that will most definitely tear up the floors. From the very first few bars you get locked on thanks to classic psy sounds on top of a mesmerizing bassline. A cool breaks style beat leads us up to the full on experience complete with pumping kicks and a chugging bass covered in sharp synth hits. The energy levels continue to rise as the original melody comes through which works beautifully with the contemporary structure and sound. A definite must have for sure, not to be missed.

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The Green Martian – Industry – The Space Brothers Remix

The Bonzai Classics remixes just keep on coming. This time we’ve enlisted the very talented and popular remix trio of Rick Simmonds, Stephen Jones and Liam Melly aka The Space Brothers. The guys get to grips with The Green Martian – Industry and churn out a fitting tribute to a club stomper. The man behind The Green Martian – Laurent Veronnez – gave us this cut back in 2000 on our Tranceportation imprint and the track instantly became a firm favourite with its minimalistic approach and that sizzling, intense build up. It was quickly snapped up by Serious Records and went on to feature in many compilations. Durango 95 provided a memorable remix back in the day that would still stand out in today’s scene. Prior to this Laurent was knocking out track after track and hit after hit as Airwave and many other guises, but The Green Martian project always delivered having already had 8 tracks that rocked clubland. Several other release would follow in the next few years before Laurent put more focus into his main projects. We are delighted with this newest remix, and just so you know, The Green Martian hasn’t gone away.

The Space Brothers was started by Rick and Stephen before Liam joined the group in 2014. Throughout the mid to late nineties the group became synonymous with pumping remixes as well as several anthemic trance cuts including Shine, Forgiven and Heaven Will Come. Their own tracks were given the remix treatment by the likes of Lange, Olmec Heads and Matt Darey and their debut album featured a special mix of all tracks from Paul Oakenfold. They also had mega hits under different aliases including Ascension (Someone), Chakra (Home, I Am), Force Majeure, Klymax, Lustral (Everytime), Oxygen, Sapphire, Simmonds & Jones and The Realm which marked them as legends on the scene. In 2014 Irish producer Liam Melly joined up and their first release as a trio – Forever – was very well received. One year later they put their name to this remix we have today and we’re proud to be able to officially release it on our Bonzai Classics imprint. The remix gets going in true club style with a nice punchy kick drum and rhythmic percussion backdrop before a snare roll takes us to the bass drop which delivers a charging rolling bassline and that infectious gated synth. The track builds and builds before breaking to reveal brighter, wide open synths backed with cool acid lines that weave in and out of the sound. The main break goes into almost complete silence which is broken by a soft rising pad that creates a dreamy atmosphere. But the pleasantries don’t linger too long as we begin an intense climactic build up that ends with a huge wall of noise before the beats take over once more. An epic cut that will still raise the roof at any venue.


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