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To keep the 25 years celebrations we’ve commissioned another series of remixes of some of our memorable classic cuts. In 1996 we launched the Bonzai Classics label and delivered the top tunes of the day on vinyl, CD and later on digital platforms. The success of the label was outstanding and this was due to the forward thinking, in-depth knowledge of the electronic music scene from within the Bonzai family. Over the last number of years we’ve been busy filling up the Bonzai Classics digital catalogue, it’s now possible to download hundreds of your favourite Bonzai retro gems via Beatport. Keep your eyes peeled for more in the run up to 18th November 2017 at Waagnatie where our year long party comes to a climax. To kick start this new series we’ve enlisted the supreme talents of Blufeld, a very much revered Bonzai artist for almost a decade, who will be utilising his remixing skills on Airwave’s When Things Go Wrong. With an ever evolving sound, Blufeld is the perfect match up for this one as the original contains beautiful melodic parts for him to play around with. There can be no doubt that Airwave is a hugely influential figure in the progressive and trance scenes. For over 20 years he has consistently provided us with anthemic tracks filled with raw emotion and drive. Released in 2003 this explosive melodic trancer rose to prominence in a very short space of time. Such a simplistic structure that seems to unleash a wave of emotion with every listen. If there was ever a defining moment in emotional, melodic trance, then the original is right up there. On the remix Blufeld has done the track justice, bringing the sound in to the modern era in a deeper progressive style. The intro comes at us with mesmerizing synth which is followed by a solid chugging bass and tight beat construction that stays the course for the duration. The beauty of this track lies in the raw proggy groove that draws you in as the layers build. Blufeld creates a tension the builds effortlessly and climaxing with that infectious melody we know and love. A simply stunning contemporary take on a classic that will give the floors a good time.

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Push – From Beyond

Mike Dierickx’s Push guise is a world renowned name in many the many facets of dance music, particularly within the trance genre. Since 1994 this guy has been putting out top quality sounds, from Acid Hysteria to Da Story. 1998 was the breakthrough year in many respects, it was the year that Universal Nation was born, the rest is history. Surprisingly – for an artist who had been around for a long time – his first album didn’t arrive until 2000. From Beyond showcases multiple trance hits from Push such as Universal Nation, Strange World and a tribute to the late great Marino Stephano. This one got a re-released in 2004 as CDr on Banshee Worx and 2007 as MP3 on Bonzai Back Catalog.

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Push – Electric Eclipse (Original Release 2004 Music Worx Cat No. MWCD-2004-002)

Mike’s second album – Electric Eclipse was a veritable treasure trove of quality cuts. As ever we witnessed an attention to detail that effortlessly portrayed the essence of trance. Some big hitters on this one including Tranceformation, Journey Of Life, and R.E.S.P.E.C.T. as well as a few complimentary remixes of past hits.

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Plastic Boy – It’s A Plastic World (Original Release 2005 Music Worx Cat No. MWCD-2004-005)

One of Mike’s most recognisable guises – Plastic Boy – gained a huge following in 1998 with the release of the mighty Twixt. Several top quality cuts followed and in 2005 we were treated to this album which gathered together the bulk of Plastic Boy’s work. Soaring trance vibes with a sci-fi twist were entrenched in the likes of Silver Bath, Live Another Life and Angel Dust. A true gem in the trance world, this one is not to be missed.

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DJ Marco Bailey – Global Warning (Original Release 1997 Bonzai Records Cat No. BR LP 97002)

The legendary Marco Bailey had many popular releases over the years and Global Warning was filled to the brim with many of those top notch cuts. Starting out on the infamous Dance Opera, he soon made his way to Bonzai Records with Scorpia in 1996 and followed that with this wonderful album. The vinyl edition was relesed on a few different occasions and is still a much sought after album. 12 outstanding techno tracks furnish this release and is a definite must have addition to any collection.

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DJ Marco Bailey – Global Warning (Original Release 1997 Bonzai Records Cat No. BR CD 97005)

Marco’s second studio album found its way onto sets across the world and is still a record that could stand tall in today’s music scene. Aside from the title track being a popular go to track, the infamous Scorpia also appeared here alongside a plethora of other quality cuts including Fletcher, N.Y Times, Cyberlab and Spacecake among others. A must for serious collectors.

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Yves Deruyter – D-Album (Full Length) (Original Release 1999 Bonzai Records Cat No. BR CD 99019)

Almost one year after the album’s release, we were treated to a surprise full length edition that not only gave us the original tracks in all their glory, but also an extra four pumping tracks – Salsa House, Open Future, Planet Reactal and Artistic Highlights, with production assistance from Franky Jones and Axel Stephenson. This version of the album became very much sought after and did not disappoint.

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Yves Deruyter – 2001

Regarded as Yves’ best album, 2001 looked at trance and hard trance in a big way and included hit after hit for this guy. Much of the album was brand new material at the time with only a handful having been previously released. Definitely one for the collection here.

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