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Jones & Stephenson – The Fourth Rebirth (Original Release 1995 Bonzai Records Cat No. BR 95090)

Coming out at the same time as The Third Rebirth, The Fourth Rebirth took the whole rave, hard trance thing and flipped it on its head and delivered one hell of a monster sound. The intro is sublime with those stabbing synths which lead up to a pitched down sample of Kariya’s Let Me Love You For Tonight which is suddenly pitched up to chipmunk range accompanied by a drum n bass pattern. A big melodic synth construction ensues as those tough beats pound out a solid groove. This one came in 2 parts with Part 2 blending techno, hard trance and drum n bass into a semaless stream of energetic grooves.

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Jones & Stephenson – The Third Rebirth (Original Release 1995 Bonzai Records Cat No. BR 95090)

The Third Rebirth tuck true to its origins and delivered a full on energetic ride deep into melodic hard trance, but this time it got a bit more refined with lots more layers involved and even lowing the tempo just a bit. The melodies stand out beautifully and are matched with a tough edge in those pounding beats and rave like synths. The B-side came with a superb remix from Cortex Thrill who added their signature sound to the mix.

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Jones & Stephenson – The Second Rebirth (Original Release 1994 Bonzai Records Cat No. BR 94046)

The Second Rebirth took its cue from its predecessor and led us into another melodic fuelled pumping groove that would destroy many floors around the world. A track of two halves with the first half setting out the melodies while the second half added the harder edge crunch that kept you raving all night long. On the flip we were met with the hard techno beat of Electromanation From “Da” Underground complete with Chuck Roberts belting out his immortal “let there be house…” and “this is my house…”chants.

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Tyrome – Electric Voodoo (Original Release 1998 Bonzai Trance Progressive Cat No. BTP-041-1998)

Tyrome aka Kris Vanderheyden and Pascal Deneef formed in 1996 and gave us the fantastic Noxious, fat forward 2 years and we get this one – Electric Voodoo, a highly charged energetic lice of trance with a nice techno edge. Cool spoken vocals which were the rage at the time work brilliantly with the techy edges of the sound while falling into the mesmerizing trancey aspects. On the flip was Bounce which was a typical Tyrome sound that was a go to track for many jocks.

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Joyrider – The Deadline (Original Release 1993 Bonzai Records Cat No. BR 93018)

Right at the start of Bonzai’s rise to dominance we had many artists and collectives coming on board with their own unique sounds, Joyrider are one of those collectives. Dave Braet, Luc Keutgens and Yuri Wesseling delivered their overdose of Techno and Hard Trance with their Bonzai debut – The Deadline. Coming in four flavours including New York Mix, Underground Mix, Final Mix and of course the Original Mix, this release kickstarted a run of top notch cuts that got plenty of floors pumping.

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Push – Electric Eclipse (Original Release 2004 Bonzai Music Cat No. BM-2004-185)

Push’s 2004 energetic trance slice Electric Eclipse came from the album of the same name and came at a time when trance was taking a new course with the introduction of more techy elements. We could go on at length about the countless aliases and tracks this guy has put out, but better to let the music do the talking.

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