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Airwave – Sunday Break (Original Release 2007 Bonzai Trance Progressive BTP-134-2007)

For a long time Airwave has been about the music, whatever genre in whatever style, he always pays attention to the details. Released in 2007 off the 2005 album Trilogique, Sunday Break was a glimpse at the raw talent that lay at the heart of this guys work. Airwave loves the breaks and this one is a fine example, a solid progressive groove over a an equally solid breaks arrangement, this one was a top pick which went down very well indeed.

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Airwave – Save Me (Original Release 2001 Bonzai Trance Progressive BTP-077-2001)

After a string of top rated tracks since 1998, Airwave was now an underground artist on the up. The consistency he shows is second to none with each release having its own unique flavour that appealed to so many, and still does to this day. The 2001 release Save Me was a testament to this, a driving, energetic slice of progressive trance sprinkled with a kaleidoscope of melodies and full of emotion, this one touched the hearts of many. The original 12″ featured the equally superb Mysteries Of Life on the flip.

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Airwave – Redemption (Original Release 2004 Bonzai Trance Progressive MWDD0-001)

Exclusively released for download only at Beatport, Redemption was one of Bonzai’s first digital only issues, coming at a time when physical music media was in decline. A bold move at the time that proved popular as mp3 mixing was on the rise and controllers where starting their campaign of domination. The track quickly became a trance classic among the trance fraternity with driving basslines and uplifting synths.

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Airwave – Punjabi Child (Original Release 2008 Bonzai Trance Progressive BTP-159-2008)

After more than a decade at the top of his game and after 3 hugely successful albums, Airwave unleashed his latest studio album Touareg in 2008. Punjabi Child would be the first cut from the album to be released and quickly proved a hit among many. A soaring trance gem that raises the euphoria levels with its rich sweeping pads, strong lead synths and driving bass, this one made a lot of people happy.

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Airwave – Progressive Aggressive (Original Release 2006 Bonzai Trance Progressive BONTR 003-12)

Progressive grooves licked with techy vibes is what we got on the 2006 release Progressive Aggressive from Airwave. Solid chunky beats and an edgy bassline and cool vocals over the top made this a floor friendly cut and was just another example of this guy’s diversity in his productions and consistency of quality. Released off the Trilogique album this was another cut that performed very well indeed.

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Airwave – People Just Don’t Care (Original Release 2006 Bonzai Trance Progressive BTP-124-2006)

Released in 2006 on Bonzai Trance Progressive and taken from the 2005 album Trilogique, People Just Don’t Care was a top progressive trance track that gained a lot of praise. The first 12″ release off the album it quickly soared to the top of many playlists. A straight laced and to the point the track that seemed to float on a wave of melodies that melted into each other brilliantly. A truly epic and sublime experience not to be missed.

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