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Joyrider – The Deadline (Original Release 1993 Bonzai Records Cat No. BR 93018)

Right at the start of Bonzai’s rise to dominance we had many artists and collectives coming on board with their own unique sounds, Joyrider are one of those collectives. Dave Braet, Luc Keutgens and Yuri Wesseling delivered their overdose of Techno and Hard Trance with their Bonzai debut – The Deadline. Coming in four flavours including New York Mix, Underground Mix, Final Mix and of course the Original Mix, this release kickstarted a run of top notch cuts that got plenty of floors pumping.

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Push – Electric Eclipse (Original Release 2004 Bonzai Music Cat No. BM-2004-185)

Push’s 2004 energetic trance slice Electric Eclipse came from the album of the same name and came at a time when trance was taking a new course with the introduction of more techy elements. We could go on at length about the countless aliases and tracks this guy has put out, but better to let the music do the talking.

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Fun-Tastic – Inside Your Soul (Original Release 1998 XTC-Music For The Mind Cat No. XTC 029)

Guy Naets and Mike Dierickx formed Fun-Tastic and debuted on XTC with this top notch trance cut – Inside Your Soul. These guys need no introduction and we are all very well versed in the litany of aliases and tracks over the years. This one came at the height of a huge trance scene in Europe and would go on to be a go to tune for many jocks. The original 12″ came with 4 mixes, The Attack, The Club Cut, Da After Mix and Radio Mix.

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Jones-Sider – Future Trance (Original Bonzai Release 1996 Tripomatic Records Cat No. TRIP-001)

1996 saw the launch of yet another sub label from the Bonzai/Lightning franchise, and kicking off this new venture we had Jones-Sider with Future Trance. Frank Sels aka Franky Jones and Kris Vanderheyden are the brains behind this project and they also represent a vast and hugely impressive list of aliases and groups. Future Trance came with the Culture Groove Remix and DJ Marko Remix with each mix bringing its own dynamic to the floors.

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DJ Hitch-Hiker & DJ Jacques Dumont – A New Dimension (Original Release 1995 Bonzai Records Cat No. BR 95073)

Hitch-Hiker and Dumont aka  Michael Kronenberger and Steffen Harning burst through the Bonzai doors with their 1995 hard trance debut track, A New Dimension. This track became an instant classic with its deceiving slow paced intro that soon turned into a magical melodic hard trance experience. The piano sequence on this one is top notch and still gets the hands in the air. Both these guys had their run of solo work but when they got together they clicked perfectly and this one would be the start of a superb partnership. The flip side gave us the equally impressive Raindrops, another go to track for many jocks. Michael and Steffen also formed Axis which gave us the ultimate hard trancer – Come On, and later they would create the house project Milk & Sugar which also attracted a lot of supporters.

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Innertales – Innertales aka Odyssee (Original Bonzai Release 2004 Banshee Worx CDR Cat No. None)

Philippe Van Mullem and Philippe Toutlemonde aka Quadran aka Innertales wowed u through the nineties and well into the noughties. This collection of works first saw the light of day on Belgian label Hard Times Recordings in 1994. Since that time they would release top progressive trance tracks on Bonzai Trance Progressive like Bohemian Odyssee, Critical Odyssee, Earth Odyssee and The Settlers. Innertales showcases a range of styles from ambient to trance which is a testament to the artistic skills this duo exuded.

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