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Airwave – I Want To Believe (Original Release 1998 Bonzai Trance Progressive Cat No. BTP5098)

In 1998 Airwave burst onto the scene with the stunning I Want To Believe, this is the track that kickstarted a long and nurturing relationship for Laurent Véronnez and Bonzai Trance Progressive, the label had just started over 2 years earlier and was already heralded as the label that brought the world vocal, melodic, progressive trance. The original vinyl release came with the awesome Ultrafex Remix, featured here, alongside Venus Of My Dreams on the flip side. Another slice of classic prog trance to keep the peak time energy electrified.

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Airwave – Escape From Nowhere (Original Release 1999 Bonzai Trance Progressive Cat No. BTP-66-2000)

The 1999 release of Escape From Nowhere came at a time when progressive trance was riding high on a cloud of floating melodies and chugging bass lines spread over a vast array of vinyls. In comes Airwave with EFN and combines the two with elegance licked with a sturdy, tough edge to deliver an epic ride. This track would be another of those go to tracks for DJ’s, it had all the right ingredients to keep a buzz flowing or to get the crowd whipped up. If that wasn’t enough, on the flip we got Alone In The Dark, another epic slice of pure melody driven grooves that swell up beautifully into a euphoric climax that sends shivers down your spine.

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Airwave vs Rising Star – Sunspot (Original Release 2002 Bonzai Trance Progressive Cat No. BTP-093-2002)

In 2002 you had a hard time avoiding the sounds coming out of Belgium, particularly from Bonzai Trance Progressive and specifically Airwave. Laurent would join forces with Rising Star aka Armin Van Buuren on their smash hit, Rising Star. This track found its way into the hearts of trance fans around the globe, its sweeping melodies and sheer happiness factor spread like wild fire. 13 years on and still the goosebumps get a workout.

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Airwave featuring Jon O’Bir – The Promise I Made (Original Release 2006 Bonzai Trance Progressive Cat No. BTP-114-2006)

Taken off the 2005 album – Trilogique, an album that would see Airwave branch out and unleash his creativity in bucket loads along with help from a hugely impressive list of artists, from producers, DJ ‘s and vocalists. This new direction spawned the second release off the album in collaboration with top producer Jon O’Bir and the amazing vocals of Lucia Holm. A progressive trance monster on the floors that sparked a rise in popularity for Airwave and further cemented his status on the scene.

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Airwave – Another Dimension (Original Release 2002 Bonzai Trance Progressive Cat No. BTP-086-2002)

The 2002 release Another Dimension, taken from the first album – Believe is a classic Airwave moment. The sound generated here would go on to feature in a few of Laurent’s guises as he spread his creative wings to cover everything from techno infused harder trance to the most beautiful floating melodic trance and progressive. This diversity is just another reason why this guy is loved throughout the world. The original release came with the Flatline Remix of Save Me, and here we’ve opted to partner it with Venus Of My Dreams.

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Airwave – Innerspace (Original Release 2000 Bonzai Trance Progressive Cat No. BTP-72-2000)

Direct from the first album – Believe, Innerspace would rise to become THE most recognisable Airwave track since the turn of the millennium. A solid beat driven progressive groove with searing melodic sequences that burn deep into your soul. A firm favourite to this day that will forever remain in many people’s top tracks of all time. The flip side featured the equally important Lightspeed, a track steeped in beautifully crafted atmospherics delivering a mesmerising groove that hooks you in for the duration.

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