Hard Beats aka Laurent Véronnez and Ramses De Craene gave us this 2000 Hard Trance monster Cybersex, which featured on the Hard Beats EP Vol 1 alongside Digital Men, Todd’s Key and Give Me An ???. This meeting of two masters in their field spawned a tough edged, in your face hard trance groove that would appeal to seasoned ravers and discerning clubbers alike. Laurent and Ramses are the owners of a multitude of guises throughout various Bonzai imprints. Laurent’s guises include Airwave, Lolo, Velvet Girl, The Green Martian, L-Vee and many many more. Ramses boasts the likes of Freeze, DJ Looney Tune, M.W.F, Mental Refrehment and Tazmanian among some of his aliases and group affiliations. These guys also formed Oddworld who provided the mix on Cybersex.