Philippe Van Mullem and Philippe Toutlemonde make up the trance project Honey C and made their mark on Bonzai Trance Progressive with this one. Having originally been released on Houze Factory in 1993, this version was given a trance makeover and quickly gained a lot of support. The 2 Philippe’s were the main reason for the birth of Bonzai Trance Progressive, their project Quadran gave rise to the vocal melodic trance scene which still resonates to this day. Between them they notched up quite a few top notch cuts with aliases and groups such as Innertales, Extreme Trax, Oudja and The Gaps among their repertoire. Toutlemonde aka Phi Phi still rocks out at many gigs and features heavily on Bonzai Progressive with quality progressive sounds. Sadly Philippe Van Mullem passed away in February 2015, a man who gave so much to music, his legacy lives on and he remains an inspiration to a generation.