The 1993 release of Jones & Stephenson’s – The First Rebirth, physically shook the whole dance music scene to its core, in particular the Hard Trance scene where this track rests comfortably. This track still commands a lot of respect and has been the topic of much musical debate among a vast array of different people with different tastes. Some call it chaotic confusion, others call it sublime melodic trance, but no-one can deny that this piece strikes the balance between pumping hardcore beats and energetic melody driven trance. Its creators, Frank Sels aka Franky Jones and David Brants aka Axel Stephenson, had unleashed a masterpiece that propelled not only their own profiles but that of Bonzai as well. Head over to the flip and have your mind blown with the fully immersive, ambient Life Of Flow which carries an urbanised narrative, almost the complete opposite of its A-side sibling. The First Rebirth went on to spawn numerous re-releases and remixes and still gets a visit from many longstanding and new fans alike.