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Planisphere – Cyborganic (Original Release 2009 Green Martian Cat No. GM-2009-086)

Georges Petkidis and Laurent Véronnez are the men responsible for all the greatness that Planisphere has given over the years. Cyborganic was the pinnacle of all this and it was also an album that so enriched the progressive trance sound, a sound that lots of up-and-coming producers aspire to as well as already established artists. The album is a mixture of original works and remixes for other artists which shows off the diversity of this duo. A worthwhile addition to any collector.

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Airwave – Touareg (Original Release 2008 Bonzai Trance Progressive)

Another pivotal moment in Airwave’s career came in 2008 with the release of the highly anticipated album Touareg which came packed to the gills with fresh new hits and a full complement of revamped classics. The superb Urban Touareg resides here and remains one of Airwave’s personal favourites. Save Me, Lightspeed, Above The Sky, Division Bell and Sky Blues all get a 2008 makeover here to the delight of many.

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Airwave – Trilogique (Original Release 2007 Bonzai Trance Progressive BTP-126-2007)

Airwave’s 2005 album Trilogique was a defining moment for the status he held within the scene, already regarded with legendary status due to his total commitment to his sound, here he catapulted his profile further reaching a greater audience all over the world. Already heralded as a great, this album solidified that sentiment in concrete. A three part journey filled with all sorts of hidden gems that both surprised and astounded. The title track, Trilogique, got a single release in 2007 on Bonzai Trance Progressive and was pimped out with some fantastic remixes.

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Airwave – Trilogique – Trance Edition

The Trance Edition is by far one of the most enigmatic collection of works by a single artist. Featuring instant classics such as Sunday Break, Hello Sunshine, People Just Don’t Care and the immortal When Things Go Wrong 2005. This one also carries collabs with the likes on Markus Schulz, Antidote (with Marnik Braeckevelt), Jon O’Bir and Armin Van Buuren.

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Airwave – Trilogique – Progressive Edition

This edition definitely delivers a slightly more tech orientated style as can be heard in Progressive Aggressive. Other notable tracks are the tech-tinged progressive vibes of Intrusion and the superb Mice featuring Ozgur Can as well as the cool breaks from Appletonz. A very strong and solid selection here that stand the test of time.

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Airwave – Trilogique – Chill Edition

The Chill Edition brings forth a multitude of tripped out downtempo grooves. Gong Zu and CCCP Genius definitely stand out here as does every track really. You can expect to be caught up in some dreamy sequences and calm atmospheres. Pure quality stuff here that is a must for any chill fan.

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Airwave Believe + I Want To Believe (Original Release 2004 Music Worx – 2011 B-Classics)

Both albums were released together in one package with I Want To Believe and have since been released on several digital formats in 2011.

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Airwave – I Want To Believe (Original Release 2004 Music Worx)

2004, two years after Believe went all over the world, Laurent hit us with another album entitled I Want To Believe. With a much more diverse range of styles including progressive trance, downtempo, uplifting and trance, this one appealed to the more discerning music listener. Division Bell, Lightspeed, Escape From Nowhere, Venus Of My Dreams and many more top notch tracks greeted us this time and once again he did not disappoint.

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