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A New Dimension

Bonzai Classics BCD2015180 16 November, 2015

Hitch-Hiker and Dumont aka Michael Kronenberger and Steffen Harning burst through the Bonzai doors with their 1995 hard trance debut track, A New Dimension. This track became an instant classic with its deceiving slow paced intro that soon turned into a magical melodic hard trance experience. The piano sequence on this one is top notch and still gets the hands in the air. Both these guys had their run of solo work but when they got together they clicked perfectly and this one would be the start of a superb partnership. The flip side gave us the equally impressive Raindrops, another go to track for many jocks. Michael and Steffen also formed Axis which gave us the ultimate hard trancer – Come On, and later they would create the house project Milk & Sugar which also attracted a lot of supporters.