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Above The Sky

Bonzai Classics BCD2015098 7 September, 2015

Airwave’s second massive club banger hit the shelves in 1999 and rose quickly to become a go to track for many jocks. A peak time monster for sure, the breakdown made a very bold move by descending into total silence before slowly rising up with an insane energetic climax. The track gained notoriety for this and would become one of Laurent’s most instantly recognisable tracks. Several re-issues followed as well as a multitude of remixes from a hugely impressive list of artists. In 2010 we released a huge package of remixes to the delight of many. This classic release comes with original mixes and the fantastic 2002 remix. Also featured on this one is The Division Bell which is much revered among the purists with its driving bass and what would become Airwave’s signature synth play style. While most vinyl releases had The Division Bell on the B-side, some had the superb I Want To Believe.