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Innerspace EP

Bonzai Classics BCD2015152 9 May, 2016

  • Innerspace (Original Mix)

    Cortex Thrill

  • Medium (Original Mix)

    Cortex Thrill

  • Sleepwalker (Original Mix)

    Cortex Thrill

Cortex Thrill is the brainchild of Croatian artist Ivo Toplovcan and later joined by Sven Gleda. They kicked off their Bonzai Records journey with this Hard Trance effort, Innerspace, originally titled Intro. A hugely popular sound back then, these guys hit the nail on the head and continued Bonzai’s dominance in the harder scene. Big bassdrums, squelchy acid lines and electrifying synths all made for an energetic ride. On the flip we got the equally frantic Sleepwalker.