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Save Me

Bonzai Classics BCD2015111 14 September, 2015

  • Save Me (Original Mix)


  • Save Me (White Room Remix)

    Airwave, White Room

  • Save Me (Borderline Deeper Mix)

    Airwave, Borderline

  • Save Me (Flatline Remix)

    Airwave, Flatline

  • Save Me (Dyyni Remix)

    Airwave, Dyyni

After a string of top rated tracks since 1998, Airwave was now an underground artist on the up. The consistency he shows is second to none with each release having its own unique flavour that appealed to so many, and still does to this day. The 2001 release Save Me was a testament to this, a driving, energetic slice of progressive trance sprinkled with a kaleidoscope of melodies and full of emotion, this one touched the hearts of many. The original 12″ featured the equally superb Mysteries Of Life on the flip.