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Antidote – What Time Is Love? (Original Release 2006 Progrez Cat No. BONPR 008-12)

Considered Antidote’s biggest hit, What Time Is Love? – quickly rose to prominence in clubland, thanks in part to the use of samples from the seminal classic of the same name by The KLF. A steady rhythmic drum arrangement with deep progressive tendencies sits on top of a solid driving bassline. The big focus though goes to the distinct synth voice sample from the original which hits those memory neurons like a battering ram. A stunningly massive build up on the break is a magical moment on this track.

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Antidote – Velocity (Original Release 2004 Progrez Cat No. PRG-2004-016)

Antidote’s 2nd release, Velocity, was the perfect follow up their debut, picking up where Paraglider left off, the guys definitely stuck to their progressive guns and delivered another solid floor mover. Introducing filter techniques that really enhance the groove worked beautifully and the strong underlying basslines really drove the track on. Head straight for the breakdown here, you will not be disappointed.

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Antidote – Sciabada (Original Release 2004 Progrez Cat No. PRG-2004-014)

The duo’s 2004 and their 3rd release Sciabada became a timeless piece of trance music that is still regarded today. A classic styled, almost Art Of Trance-like bassline kept the progressive groove flowing while a simply divine synth line brought in the melodies that built up into a huge climax before getting down and dirty with an electrified groove. The 12″ came with original and remix versions, both totally rocked.

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Antidote – Remote Control Auto Pilot (Original Release 2007 Progrez Cat No. PRGCD-2007-002)

Featured on Antidote’s sole album Evolution Revolution, Remote Control Auto Pilot (which was never released as a single) fell into the more techy side of the duo’s productions while still retaining the progressive edge which they are well known for. A super tight arrangement consisting of punchy kicks and a brilliant driving bass sits below cool drum patterns and a mesmerizing merciless synth line. A big hitter for sure the track got an exclusive remix from Antiphus which also appeared on the album as a bonus track.

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Antidote – Paraglider (Original Release 2003 Progrez Cat No. PRG-2003-010)

Antidote aka Marnik Braeckevelt (Bonzai head honcho) and Laurent Veronnez (Airwave, The Green Martian etc) released a string of top progressive trance tracks on Progrez in early to mid 2000’s. Starting off this run we had Paraglider that hit ground running with a solid progressive trance workout that always got the floors moving. The duo quickly gained a solid rep within the scene, and it’s no wonder given the level of experience and expertise on the table. The original 12″ B-Side featured the superb Teleport which also gained a lot of support.

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Antidote – Fantastic Four (Original Release 2009 Bonzai Limited Cat No. BL-2009-055)

Antidote’s final major release came in 2009 with the superb Fantastic Four, and they made the switch to Bonzai Limited which normally catered for a more tech inspired offering which is exactly what we get here, and then some. Containing 2 tracks, Fantastic and Four, with both tracks hitting the sweet spot. Fantastic sets itself up as a quality cut delivering a progressive tech groove with a dusting of electro thrown in, while Four goes for a deeper progressive line with sprinkling of tech on top.

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