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Body Shock – Full Moon – Freaked Frequency & The Digital Enzyme Remix

Body-Shock’s 2000 slice Full Moon is our next special Bonzai Classics remix and at the helm this time we’ve got Freaked Frequency & The Digital Enzyme with an absolute gem of a track firmly rooted in the psy arena. Bjorn Wendelen (DJ Ghost) and Laurent Veronnez (L-Vee) formed Body-Shock in 2000 and their first release – Sleepless – had this superb effort as the B-side. Full Moon quickly became a trance anthem in the super club era and was notably included on John 00 Fleming’s For Your Ears Only 3 x vinyl compilation. After several releases Yves Deruyter came on board to continue a string of top club hits that are still very much at the heart of classic nostalgia sets. The Body-Shock sound never disappoints, it derives intensity and that feeling of full on, non-stop thumping music.

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Body Shock – Rock This House (Original Release 2002 Bonzai Records Cat No. BR-2002-178)

Rock This House beefed up the Body Shock sound delivering a faster paced, harder vibe than previous. This one kept things simple featuring a solid beat and gritty offset bassline and searing high pitched synths. So simple yet highly effective. The flip side got down and dirty with breaks and acid forming a monster tune that rocked hard.

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Body Shock – Rain In The City (Original Release 2001 Bonzai Records Cat No. BR-2001-172)

Rain In The City would be regarded as Body Shock’s seminal cut its powerful groove that drew in a lot of support. The tempo of the track differed from previous incarnations and gave the beats a steady flowing rhythm that hit the dance floors hard. The myriad of synths delivered intricate melodic patterns while the break resulted in a climactic kick back that stands the test of time.

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Body Shock – Ghosts In The Church (Original Release 2001 Bonzai Records Cat No. BR-2001-167)

Ghosts In The Church represented the typical Body Shock sound which consisted of trance induced melodies alongside harder edged grooves. The bassline was always the big factor as it drove the tracks on relentlessly and allowed the melodic side to shine. This one got the remix treatment from Marc Et Claude and featured in many compilations.

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Body Shock – Full Moon (Original Release 2000 Bonzai Records Cat No. BR-2000-154)

The 2000 trance bomb Full Moon featured as the B-Side of Sleepless but gained its own A-Side release on Bonzai Records UK as it proved quite popular in the UK trance scene, as did many Body Shock tracks. A fast paced chugging bassline was the platform for the track as swirling strings and hypnotic synths took the groove high into the trance realm.

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Body Shock – Destination Nexus (Original Release 2003 Bonzai Music Cat No. BM-2003-182)

Destination Nexus delivers a wonderful trek into the harder side of trance with tough beats and growling basses forming up beside gritty synths. This track also marks the end of a great run of tracks with subsequent Best Of EP’s following soon after. On the flip we had The Bishop which stood up firmly as a go to track.

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