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Jones & Stephenson – The Sixth Rebirth

In 1993 Franky Jones and Axel Stephenson created a lasting legacy when they put together the infamous The First Rebirth. Since then we had four sequels namely The Second Rebirth, The Third Rebirth, The Fourth Rebirth and The Final Rebirth. Now, it’s time for The Sixth Rebirth. With Franky still at the helm, he is joined by Rob Fabrie and together they have captured the essence of the Rebirth legacy, bringing it into the modern era. As a child of the Funk, Soul, Disco, Hip-Hop, New Wave and New Beat era Franky Jones (real name Frank Sels) lives and breathes electronic music. He is considered as one of the pioneers in the Belgian electronic dance music scene. This noble ranking is justified for his productions speak for themselves. He boasts a plethora of aliases and contributed heavily to several groups over the years. A DJ for over 30 years now, he is still at the forefront of Belgian nightlife and beyond, he continues to rev up the crowds as a regular guest at some of the biggest national and international raves, clubs and parties. Rob Fabrie is also considered with iconic status having started out as a DJ in 1985, he later formed the massive rave group Holy Noise (along with Paul Elstak and Richard van Naamen) and went on to create several other aliases and groups. DJ Waxweazle, The Headbanger, Somebody From Rotterdam and R-Trax are just a few of the guises he took on and it was under these pseudonyms where he unleashed everything from Hard Trance to Gabber and Trance to Techno. He has graced the decks at some of the world’s biggest and best events and he continues to impress to this day. Expect more from Franky and Rob in the future, they’re addicted to the studio which is music to our ears, literally.

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Airwave – 20 Years – Remastered Classics

Airwave, one of Belgium’s iconic underground dance music gurus celebrates 20 years and, to mark the occasion we have something really special lined up. From the moment this musical genius stepped into the Bonzai offices with those first, early recordings, we just knew he was going places with that unique, perfectionist sound he created. Two decades on, he is still creating supremely unique soundscapes that continue to captivate. For Airwave it’s all about the music, he puts his heart and soul into every production and is rewarded with dedication and loyalty from his massive fanbase. We at Bonzai couldn’t be prouder of his achievements and we know he will carry on in true Airwave style for hopefully, another 20 years.
To mark Airwave’s 20 years in the dance music business we’ve conjured up an irresistible multi format release of a choice selection of top cuts with both the collector and the working DJ in mind.
A 2x CD release will feature 17 of the best original length Airwave moments professionally re-mastered for maximum sonic pleasure. Classics such as Above The Sky, Innerspace, Ladyblue, Alone In The Dark, When Things Go Wrong and Venus Of My Dreams as well as more recent hits like Tigris And Euphrates, Cathedrals Of Hope, Chiricahua and Sadness In Black And White – Part 1, several of which will be appearing for the first time on CD outside of the many albums Airwave delivered over the years. To top this one off we have an exclusive remix of Save Me from Magdelayna, a real treat for progressive trance fans.

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DJ PMC – Subplate

DJ PMC aka German maestro Guido Hoppe gets a reissue with his pumping techno slice Subplate. With that iconic vocal snippet from C’hantal’s The Realm, this one became an instant hit in the clubs and the raves of Europe and beyond. On the flip you’ll find Distortion To Static with its chaotic drum-fest and tightly wound acidic 303 sequence. 2 banging tracks for sure.

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System D – Trancefusion

System D’s seminal hard trance classic gets a digital re-release on Bonzai Classics. Originally released in 1994, this EP featured 4 solid cuts including Deviant Behaviour, Hardtrance and Shipment In Trance as well as a monster arena style effort from our very own Marnix B aka Marnik Braeckevelt with his Trance Remix of Trancefusion. Pumping, pounding kicks, scratchy synths and heavy basses were just the perfect combination to get the crowds going wild. Each track carried its own weight with ease and to make this one exclusive, we’ve included all tracks from the 1994 12” vinyl as well as the original version of Trancefusion.

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DJ PMC – Subplate

To close of 2018, one more classic needed to be release. Namely DJ PMC’s Subplate. Hailing from Germany Guido Hoppe returns to the original label stable of Bonzai, with his classic that once was released on Bonzai Records in 1998. 2 original versions can be found on this release, being the main track Subplate and Distortion To Static.


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System D – Trancefusion

To close 2018 with a bang, we’ve added a massive Belgian classic by Danny Sels under his guise System D.

The package comes with 4 original tracks of which the release title is also remixed by Marnix B., who turned this tune into a true classic with his version of Trancefusion.

A must have for every self respected retro fan.


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