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Chris Raven – I know You Love Me Too (Original Release 1998 Bonzai Trance Progressive Cat No. BTP4998)

Chris Raven aka Christian Raabe burst onto the trance scene in 1997 with the fantastic I Know You Love Me Too. In 1998 this cut was snapped up by BTP and went ton to be hugely popular track, a track that defined a whole genre, emotional, uplifting trance. On the Bonzai release there were two remixes which amazingly caused a lot of discussion as to which was the better. Fans of the uplifting trance vibe went for the Bruce Norris Mix which delivered a pure trance ride while Van Bellen’s Mix took us on a much deeper progressive trip. No matter which one you choose this track does not disappoint.

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Chris Raven – I Lost You (Original Release 2000 Bonzai Trance Progressive Cat No. BTP6499)

Chris Raven’s 2000 trance hit I Lost You was undoubtedly one of BTP’s greatest. A solid driving trance groove filled with emotion and a truly uplifting vibe. The breakdown here was the big hitter, full of melodies and a great vocal that led us into a superb climax. On the flip we get a much deeper mix from Bartology which was a firm favourite among many.

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Chris Raven – Smegma (Original Release 2001 Bonzai Trance Progressive Cat No. BTP-078-2001)

Chris Raven burst onto the trance scene in 1997 with the superb I Know You Love Me Too, which quickly became one of trance music’s best know sounds during those hedy days. Just a short couple of years since the launch of Bonzai Trance Progressive, this guy’s sound fitted perfectly into what BTP was all about. Followed up by I Lost You in 2000 and then this 2001 release Smegma, Chris Raven remained consistent in his approach to trance. Smegma would take a deeper, much more progressive leaning than previous cuts but the quality remained and proved popular among many. The original 12″ came backed with the equally important Nevermore.

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