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Dream Your Dream – Belgian Rave (Original Release 1994 Bonzai Jumps Cat No. BJ94004)

Following on from Soushkin, Dream Your Dream continued to dominate in the Hardcore and Hard Trance area. Switching from Bonzai Records to Bonzai Jumps with the massive Belgian/Belgium Rave, the guys certainly knew how to work a pumped up crowd. From the soft vox intro and James Brown-eque vocal snippets to the full on fist pumping beats and hoover stabs, this one always rocked the joint and went on to become an instantly recognisable Bonzai hit, which is still true even today. On the flip we got You And Me which was another big hitter.

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Dream Your Dream – Soushkin (Original Release 1993 Bonzai Records Cat No. BR93019)

Karim Boux and Roel Reynders where responsible for some of Bonzai’s most famous releases as Dream Your Dream, but they also cut some fine wax a Belgica Wave Party, Dreamland and The Daltons. Karim was also known for his A B C And D guise a well as being part of the Thunderball duo with Jan Vervloet. Roel also ran out as Traxcalibur and made up one half of Attaboy, also with Jan Vervloet. Between them, these guys recorded some huge tracks that still offer much today. Soushkin was the follow up to their first Bonzai outing – II The Belgica Wave Anthem, in 1993. The intro alone would be used in many sets and when that voice came and the melody kicked in you knew the place was going to rock and rock hard. Powerful and pumping is an understatement where this one is concerned, a track that will live on and on and on and on.

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Dream Your Dream – Mayday Dream (Original Release 1994 Bonzai Records Cat No. BR94051)

Back at Bonzai Records the guys hit us with another full on Hardcore, Hardtrance effort in Mayday Dream. Again we find ourselves lured into a seductive trance like surrounding with sweeping pads and cool vocal snippets. Pounding beats take over and bring us to the main event where we are thrust into banging hard techno sequence with those cascading synths taking control. Strange that the guys opted to include a conversation with a Liverpudlian, we may never know why but it was a cool touch nonetheless. Mayday Dream first appeared on III alongside It’s A Dream Song on the flip.

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