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The legendary trance duo Laurent Veronnez and Jurgen Leyers aka Fire & Ice are next in line for a special 25 years remix as part of our classics series. Heart & Mind gets a makeover from superlative trance DJ and producer Paul Pearson which is destined to become a firm favourite among the trance family all over the world. The guys burst onto the scene and took the trance world by storm in 1998, dominating our XTC imprint and other sub labels with tracks like Lost Emotions, Beyond My Control, Forever Young, Souvenir De Chine, Samoa and many more. Their sound became synonymous with the melodic, uplifting and energetic trance scene and hit after hit ensured their tracks always got peak time attention. At the top of their game they not only delivered quality tracks but numerous remix requests for a wide range of artists covering different genres opened them up to new audiences and cemented their place in the history of trance. In 2006 they took a step back, focusing on their solo ambitions before making a welcomed return in 2008, treating their throngs of fans to a couple of tentative farewell tracks. The original mix of Heart & Mind boasted a tight driving groove with melodic synths that soared into the stratosphere, taking us along for the ride. An absolute gem of a track that deserves a contemporary workout.

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Fire & Ice – Heart & Mind (Original Release 2002 XTC Cat No. XTC 078)

A straight up Fire & Ice trancer that dominated any set it was played in. Pumping beats and wide open synth melodies on top of a driving bassline created a solid wall of energy in any venue. On the reverse of the original 12″ we got the equally impressive San Antonio.

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Fire & Ice – Tour De Trance (Original Release 2008 Camouflage Cat No. CAM-2008-081)

This dynamic duo brough Fire & Ice out of semi retirement in 2008 and delighted their fans with this fantastic slice of trance. Aside from the stunning original version we also got a Manuel Le Saux remix and  a DJ Fire remix. A trance classic from the day it was mastered,

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Fire & Ice – Let There Be Light (Original Release 2005 Fourty5 Cat No. FF-2005-013)

Inspired by Oldfield’s masterpiece of the same name, Jurgen and Laurent continued their run of top notch blistering trance. Pounding beats and searing trance synths were at play here alongside some beautifully crafted melodies. This one certainly raised the roof at many venues across Europe and beyond.

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Fire & Ice – Souvenir De Chine (Original Release 2001 XTC Records Cat No. XTC 071)

Composed by Jarre and trancified by the dynamic duo of Fire & Ice, this one really hit the sweet spot becoming a top pick for many. Coming at the height of their superb run, these guys were at the top of their game with not only quality tracks but numerous remix requests for a wide range of artists covering many genres. The original 12″ had Out Of Darkness on the flip.

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Fire & Ice – Samoa (Original Release 2004 Fourty-5 Cat No. FF-2004-004)

Jurgen Leyers and Laurent Veronnez stormed back into the trance world after a short break with the fantastic Samoa on the newly formed Fourty-5 label. Surging rhythms and energetic synths took this track to new heights and was a most welcome return for this duo’s army of fans. Para Siempre on the flip was an equally superb cut offering up a more emotional sound with that heart reaching guitar breakdown.

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