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Lolo – Who Are You? (Original Release 2005 Camouflage Cat No. BONCA 001-12)

The fourth outing from Laurent as Lolo, Who Are You? was a masterclass in melody with wonderful cascading synths and a solid trance groove. On the flip we had the impressive Nick Pylon remix as well as the superb and sometimes underrated Elemental which was another absolute stomping trancer that was carried along by a driving, energetic groove and beautiful melodies.

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Lolo – Melody (Original Release 2002 Camouflage Cat No. CM-2002-026)

Laurent Veronnez kicked off a string of top trance cuts under his Lolo guise with this 2002 slice – Melody. Searing trance filled with driving grooves and wonderful uplifting breakdowns that brough emotion and euphoria to an army of clubbers. Sunset, on the flip, also stood firm and delivered a solid trance ride.

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Lolo – 1+1=3 (Original Release 2007 Bonzai Trance Progressive Cat No. BTPCD-2007-003)

Lolo is responsible for some of the most memorable, uplifting and emotional trance from the early to mid noughties. 1+1=3 gathers all these tracks together under one roof. There have been a few more since 2007, but they will be easy to obtain so you can complete an entire collection of trance classics.

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Lolo – Why? (Original Release 2004 Camouflage Cat No. CAM-2004-037)

Why? is the third Lolo release and picked up where the other two left off leaving us with more emotional uplifting trance. The great thing about a Lolo release, apart from awesome music, is that we got 2 superb tracks and this one came with Because on the flip which is an equally fantastic slice of trance.

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Lolo – Extended Horizon (Original Release 2003 Camouflage Cat No. CAM-2003-031)

Laurent Veronnez aka Airwave embarked on his new project Lolo in the early noughties, and to the delight of many of his fans he headed straight for the heart strings and produced some of the most memorable epic trance around. Extended Horizon was his second release under this guise and the track took us on a sublime journey deep into Trance where we got lost in beautifully crafted melodies and steady beats. On the flip we got Landscape which was a much more pacey groove with a fantastic uplifting quality. If you’ve not checked out Lolo yet then this is the perfect place to start.

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