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M.I.K.E. vs John 00 Fleming – Ice Cream (Original Release 2002 Bonzai Records Cat No. BR-2002-179)

Two trance legends joined forces in 2002 during a peak time in trance to give us the superb Ice Cream. As well as the Original Mix which was a solid trancer, we got a remix from each artist. M.I.K.E. dished out his beautifully intricate melodic trance while John 00 Fleming went dark and driving on the remix, a definite must have for any serious trance fan.

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M.I.K.E. – Sunrise At Palamos (Original Release 2000 XTC Cat No. XTC 055)

The year 2000 was a seminal year for trance music and at the forefront we had M.I.K.E. with Sunrise At Palamos, a distinctly M.I.K.E. sound that delivered the perfect soundtrack for the day ahead on the Costa Brava. On the flip we got Someone Somewhere which carried its own unique sound and stood up well in many sets.

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M.I.K.E. – Got To Have It (Original Release 1998 Zounds Cat No. ZO 98024)

M.I.K.E. never failed to impress and this one was no exception. Got To Have It was a monster track and offered a fusion between trance and techno with lashings of tight drum patterns. On the flip we had Nightfall with a more trancier groove, this one was the go to track for many resulting in a re-release as Nightfall on Bonzai Germany.

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M.I.K.E. – Future Platform One / Platform Two (Original Release 2001 Bonzai Limited Cat No. BL-2001-023/1 and BL-2001-023/2)

This double 12″ stomper from M.I.K.E. offered up some superb hard hitting trance sounds with sprinklings of tech thrown in. Future Platform One had the melodically driven Elements Of Life as well as the equally fantastic – The Running Night on the flip. Platform Two boasted the hypnotic Groove Point with the sublime Deepest Jungle on the reverse. A definite must have for any serious M.I.K.E. fan and trance fan in general.

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