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Philippe Van Mullem – La 7ieme Note (Original Release 2000 Bonzai Trance Progressive Cat No. BTP-68-2000)

Written by PVM and co-produced alongside long time studio partner – Phi Phi. La 7ieme Note was the penultimate release which came towards the end of a string of top cuts for the late great Philippe Van Mullem. This one took us on a journey, an epic journey, a journey so enthralling it came in two parts and quickly became a favourite among many.

20 April 2016 UPDATES Read more

Philippe Van Mullem – The Secret Folder (Original Release 1999 Bonzai Trance Progressive Cat No. BTP6299)

Stylish and sophisticated is one way to describe the brand of trance that the late great Philippe Van Mullem gave us in 1999 with The Secret Folder. Beautifully arranged expertly crafted melodies cascade right throughout the track from start to finish. Driving rhythmic basses and tight drums keep the floors busy and allow you to get lost in the music. This one came in two parts and is still regarded as a fav by many.

7 March 2016 UPDATES Read more

Philippe Van Mullem – Sugar Of Life (Original Release 1997 Green Martian Cat No. GM97006)

The late great PVM remained a dominant force in the world of trance and progressive trance right throughout the nineties and beyond. This one was his first under his own name, as previously he had released many tracks as Quadran, Innertales and Honey C among others. Sugar Of Life is a wonderfully constructed trance cut that reflected the times perfectly and was the first of many under Philippe’s own name. The original release came in Club Mix and UK Mix flavours.

11 January 2016 UPDATES Read more




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