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Planisphere – Solarism Remixed (Original Release 2007 Green Martian Cat No. GMD-2007-008)

Remix version of the original album of the same name, this one incorporated a fine selection of remixes that focused on trance and progressive trance with a nice helping of ambient thrown in. Wonderfully put together to create a sublime listening experience, the discerning collector found this one irresistible.

3 January 2017 UPDATES Read more

Planisphere – Lektrophony (Original Release 2005 Green Martian Cat No. GMCD-2005-001)

If you’re a progressive trance/trance lover then this album is an absolute must have. 11 of the very best in trance from Planisphere aka Laurent Veronnez and George Petkidis. Spanning 6 years of releases from this duo, 1998 – 2004, they covered everything and cemented themselves as top artists in their field. A seriously fantastic addition for any collector.

13 December 2016 UPDATES Read more

Planisphere – Cyborganic (Original Release 2009 Green Martian Cat No. GM-2009-086)

Georges Petkidis and Laurent Véronnez are the men responsible for all the greatness that Planisphere has given over the years. Cyborganic was the pinnacle of all this and it was also an album that so enriched the progressive trance sound, a sound that lots of up-and-coming producers aspire to as well as already established artists. The album is a mixture of original works and remixes for other artists which shows off the diversity of this duo. A worthwhile addition to any collector.

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Planisphere – NYE (Original Release 2003 Green Martian Cat No. GM-2003-053)

After a string of top hits Planisphere kept the momentum going with yet another epic stomper. NYE boasted a cinemascope style sound that filled every nook and cranny of a room while taking us high into the stratosphere and beyond. A solid slice of progressive trance that will remain a firm favourite among many. The oft forgotten Cubed resided on the flip and was an equally top notch tune.

25 April 2016 UPDATES Read more

Planisphere – Sounds From Outer Space (Original Release 2000 Green Martian Cat No. GM-2000-028/1)

In 2000 after a string of hits it seemed like we had heard the best of Planisphere, but up comes the epic Memories Of the Light with an absolutely stunning, mesmerizingly awesome sound that clawed relentlessly at our emotions. Beautifully constructed melodies intertwined to perfection took us on a wonderful journey with the ironically titled ‘Short Mix’. The Lost Planet was the hidden gem on the flip and this one became the go to track for many.

8 February 2016 UPDATES Read more

Planishere – Deep Blue Dream (Original Release 1999 Green Martian Cat No. GM99019)

Georges and Laurent’s 3rd release as Planisphere was Deep Blue Dream and was another outstanding slice of progressive trance that helped shape the sound this project was aiming for. While Deep Blue Dream got a lot of attention, The Eyes Of Truth on the B side was as equally important in the Planisphere sound.

25 January 2016 UPDATES Read more

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