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Push – From Beyond

Mike Dierickx’s Push guise is a world renowned name in many the many facets of dance music, particularly within the trance genre. Since 1994 this guy has been putting out top quality sounds, from Acid Hysteria to Da Story. 1998 was the breakthrough year in many respects, it was the year that Universal Nation was born, the rest is history. Surprisingly – for an artist who had been around for a long time – his first album didn’t arrive until 2000. From Beyond showcases multiple trance hits from Push such as Universal Nation, Strange World and a tribute to the late great Marino Stephano. This one got a re-released in 2004 as CDr on Banshee Worx and 2007 as MP3 on Bonzai Back Catalog.

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Push – Electric Eclipse (Original Release 2004 Music Worx Cat No. MWCD-2004-002)

Mike’s second album – Electric Eclipse was a veritable treasure trove of quality cuts. As ever we witnessed an attention to detail that effortlessly portrayed the essence of trance. Some big hitters on this one including Tranceformation, Journey Of Life, and R.E.S.P.E.C.T. as well as a few complimentary remixes of past hits.

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Push – Journey of Life (Original Release 2003 Bonzai Music Cat No. BM-2003-180)

Another stroke of genius from Push, this time with Journey Of Life which took on a driving trance groove on top of brilliantly constructed melodies. We get a solid wall of beats and bass which leads us to the break where that heavenly melodic sequence is unleashed, taking us higher and higher. If that wasn’t enough the Rank 1 Remix on the flip was also a top notch cut.

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Push – Electric Eclipse (Original Release 2004 Bonzai Music Cat No. BM-2004-185)

Push’s 2004 energetic trance slice Electric Eclipse came from the album of the same name and came at a time when trance was taking a new course with the introduction of more techy elements. We could go on at length about the countless aliases and tracks this guy has put out, but better to let the music do the talking.

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