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The Green Martian – Industry (Original Release 2000 Tranceportation Cat No. TP-2000-026)

Laurent Veronnez’s The Green Martian delivered this trancer at the turn of the millennium and quickly rose to the top of many DJ’s playlists. With its raw energetic power that  devastated any dance floor it was unleashed upon, it’s no wonder it’s rated very highly on the scene.

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The Green Martian – Ladies And Gentleman (Original Release 2003 Bonzai Music Cat No. BM-2003-184)

The dark progressive hard edged trance of Ladies And Gentlemen was a sure fire floorfiller in many venues. Laurent certainly ramped up the energy levels with this guise and gave us a look at what he can do on the harder side. This one came with the original mix and a remix on the flip which featured more pronounced synths. This one also got a run out on Mondo Records.

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The Green Martian – Electric Fantastic (Original Release 2004 Bonzai Music Cat No. BM-2004-188)

The Green Martian’s penultimate release before a long hiatus – which took us up to 2014 when he awoke the Martian to give us A Last One For The Road to the delight of many. Electric Fantastic was what TGM was all about, hard edged driving trance grooves with tough synths and a fantastic robotic voice, pumping.

14 December 2015 UPDATES Read more

The Green Martian – End Of The Earth (Original Release 1998 Tranceportation Cat No. TP 98013)

Laurent Veronnez has spawned many guises and aliases, some of them stand out more than others, of course Airwave is his most famous, but there is a strong contingent of fans who believe, with great cause, that The Green Martian is his best, a tough debate for sure. One thing is for sure, this guy knows how to churn out quality vibes. End Of The Earth was The Green Martian’s debut on Tranceportation back in 1998 and came as great surprise when it turned out to be a tough edged monster of a track which was backed up with the hugely underrated Reformation and Out From The Deep.

14 December 2015 UPDATES Read more




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