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Yves Deruyter – D-Album (Full Length) (Original Release 1999 Bonzai Records Cat No. BR CD 99019)

Almost one year after the album’s release, we were treated to a surprise full length edition that not only gave us the original tracks in all their glory, but also an extra four pumping tracks – Salsa House, Open Future, Planet Reactal and Artistic Highlights, with production assistance from Franky Jones and Axel Stephenson. This version of the album became very much sought after and did not disappoint.

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Yves Deruyter – 2001

Regarded as Yves’ best album, 2001 looked at trance and hard trance in a big way and included hit after hit for this guy. Much of the album was brand new material at the time with only a handful having been previously released. Definitely one for the collection here.

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Yves Deruyter – The Rebel (Original Release 1997 Bonzai Records Cat No. BR97129)

Probably one of the most instantly recognisable vocal samples in the world of trance music and beyond provides the intro to Yves’ 1997 smash hit – The Rebel. With a sample from Public Enemy’s Rebel Without A Pause and a hands in the air trance hook on the break, this one definitely ranks very highly among many. Quite simply, a track you have got to have in your arsenal.

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Yves Deruyter – A Story About House (Original Release 1997 Bonzai Records Cat No. BR97124)

YDR continued his run of Hard Trance cuts with this 1997 release – A Story About House. Aside from the original we got a superb remix from The Aggressor and a short acapella snippet of House Voices. This one also got a run on several other labels.

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Yves Deruyter – Born Slippy (Original Release 2004 Bonzai Music Cat No. BM-2004-190)

A cover of the iconic Underworld track, YDR turned this into a massive trance stomper that worked well on the big stage. On the flip side we had a great cut entitled Peace which featured L-Vee in collaboration. This one got snapped up by other labels and gained great support all over.

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Yves Deruyter – Rave City (Original Release 1995 Bonzai Records Cat No.BR 93038)

Rave City was a huge track for many in 1993 and beyond. Classic hoover stabs over a pumping kickdrum alongside electrified hi hats always ensured packed floors at every venue. Coming out at just the right time, this one typified the sound of the day and would still create a buzz even today.

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