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Airwave – 20 Years – Remastered Classics

Airwave, one of Belgium’s iconic underground dance music gurus celebrates 20 years and, to mark the occasion we have something really special lined up. From the moment this musical genius stepped into the Bonzai offices with those first, early recordings, we just knew he was going places with that unique, perfectionist sound he created. Two decades on, he is still creating supremely unique soundscapes that continue to captivate. For Airwave it’s all about the music, he puts his heart and soul into every production and is rewarded with dedication and loyalty from his massive fanbase. We at Bonzai couldn’t be prouder of his achievements and we know he will carry on in true Airwave style for hopefully, another 20 years.
To mark Airwave’s 20 years in the dance music business we’ve conjured up an irresistible multi format release of a choice selection of top cuts with both the collector and the working DJ in mind.
A 2x CD release will feature 17 of the best original length Airwave moments professionally re-mastered for maximum sonic pleasure. Classics such as Above The Sky, Innerspace, Ladyblue, Alone In The Dark, When Things Go Wrong and Venus Of My Dreams as well as more recent hits like Tigris And Euphrates, Cathedrals Of Hope, Chiricahua and Sadness In Black And White – Part 1, several of which will be appearing for the first time on CD outside of the many albums Airwave delivered over the years. To top this one off we have an exclusive remix of Save Me from Magdelayna, a real treat for progressive trance fans.

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DJ PMC – Subplate

DJ PMC aka German maestro Guido Hoppe gets a reissue with his pumping techno slice Subplate. With that iconic vocal snippet from C’hantal’s The Realm, this one became an instant hit in the clubs and the raves of Europe and beyond. On the flip you’ll find Distortion To Static with its chaotic drum-fest and tightly wound acidic 303 sequence. 2 banging tracks for sure.

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System D – Trancefusion

System D’s seminal hard trance classic gets a digital re-release on Bonzai Classics. Originally released in 1994, this EP featured 4 solid cuts including Deviant Behaviour, Hardtrance and Shipment In Trance as well as a monster arena style effort from our very own Marnix B aka Marnik Braeckevelt with his Trance Remix of Trancefusion. Pumping, pounding kicks, scratchy synths and heavy basses were just the perfect combination to get the crowds going wild. Each track carried its own weight with ease and to make this one exclusive, we’ve included all tracks from the 1994 12” vinyl as well as the original version of Trancefusion.

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Airwave – Atlas Winds

The epic Atlas Winds and Chiricahua were taken from Airwave’s superb studio album Dark Lines and packaged into a double A-side release in 2012. Atlas Winds is one of those sublime trance moments that stick with you. Each time you listen you find new, intricate patterns and new sounds which make it the perfect fodder for peak time madness. Chiricahua is the epitome of Airwave’s love for breaks. Soaring synths, Ethnic flutters and 303 action wrapped up in mesmerizing grooves put this one in the firm favourite category of many.

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Airwave – Cathedrals of Hope

Airwave’s 2012 cut Cathedrals of Hope gets a fresh release on our Bonzai Classic imprint. Originally out on L*C*D* Recordings, these three tracks continued a string of quality productions for Belgian maestro Laurent Veronnez. Purely trance infused grooves with uplifting and energetic qualities from the title track, backed up with the equally superb Reset and the Album Version of the epic Atlas Winds.

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DJ Jan, Vandueren – Rock Da House

DJ Jan aka Jan Van Der Staey and Filip Vandueren join forces to deliver a stomping retro themed slice on Bonzai Classics titled Rock Da House. These two veterans mark their Bonzai debut with this one and they bring over 2 decade’s worth of experience to the table. Jan started to DJ in 1988 and became the resident at Illusion in 1993. The 90’s brought much success with releases on Dance Opera as part of the Illusion team and in the 2000’s he impressed with tracks such as X-Santos. A powerhouse on the European scene with a beefy back catalogue, we’re excited he is here at BC. Filip is responsible for a plethora of hits throughout the 90’s and 2000’s. He enjoys a healthy dose of releases on Dance Opera as he was also part of the Illusion team. In 1995 he co-founded Milk Inc. and went on to release dozens of top tracks as wells as releasing almost 20 albums. Another Belgian powerhouse we’re delighted to have on board.

Rock Da House intros with a pulsating bassline groove which is joined by crispy hi hats and building percussions. Pumping kick drums come through alongside rising synths as the rhythm gathers pace and forming into a solid full on monster of a track. A short break reveals mesmerizing strings and a rising intensity as the cool classic style vocals ring out. The main break hits us with that agitated bassline and metallic percussions before the beats return with a superb trance-like gated synth melody in tow. A top notch slice with all the characteristics of a retro groove and a distinct contemporary production, not to be missed.


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