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Harun Karabulut


Harun Karabulut is definitely one of the youngest talents in the techno social scene.He has been producing his own sounds since about 2006 and he made his first official release in 2011! He has signed an artist agreement with Silvana Records in 2011.This pushed him to learn to DJ and play gigs ever since 2009. He loves making new music and is very talented! His track was charted by “Top 10 Must Hear Techno Tracks Week 30” for Drunken Sailor (Piano Mix) and also for “Top 10 Must Hear Techno Tracks Week 36” for Koon Loon (Original Mix). You can see he is well followed and has gotten recognition for it. Harun Karabulut has so many hot new Tracks to show you guys coming soon! Keep on the look out for him, he is one artist that you will definitely be hearing about!