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Tommy Baynen


Tommi Lahtinen aka Tommy Baynen is an electronic music producer and a DJ from Finland. He was interested in music at the early age and started to take classical guitar lessons at the age of 8. A couple of years later he taught himself to produce music with a computer.At the end of 90s he fell in love with trance music when he heard acts like ATB, System F, Chicane and BT. He started to produce trance music.When the most popular years of trance music was over he stopped taking guitar lessons and forgot trance for a while. However, after a few years, in 2004 he decided to start studying music technology. He learned basics of recording and mixing and started to understand the meaning of a “good sound”. He studied patiently and enhanced his skills using programs like Pro Tools, Cubase and Logic. He didn’t produce EDM much at the time. At the end of 2008 he found trance music again and started to produce it continually. After a couple of months he signed his first EP to Finity Recordings. His track “Blue Morning” was picked up by Above & Beyond and was played in their weekly podcast. They included it in their Beatport top 10 chart also.In 2013 after several of successful trance productions like “An Ocean Without Water” and support from top jocks like Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin and Paul van Dyk he decided to change his sound more versatile. Trance wasn’t the only genre he was interested in anymore and he started to take influences from other genres also. His track “TomB Raider” was instantly picked up by Tritonal and they included it in their “Tritonia Chapter 001” compilation. He also collaborated with other producers and vocalists and started to produce video game music to expand his sound even more. At the moment, who knows what he does next. T hat’s what makes him so unique.As a DJ he is eagerly seeking for bigger stages to perform and waiting for bigger crowds to discover his sound. In his live performances he likes to combine different genres together while keeping the same principles in mind when producing. One thing is sure though. He’s going to make you dance!




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