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Hilal Tekschneider


1982 born Hilal Tekschneider has a BA degree from the Royal Dutch Conservatory in Sonology – synthesis, sound-design and modern composition (2005).
Apart from producing Tech-House & Minimal-Techno, Hilal does scoring and sound-design for films/TV, and has worked on movies, commercials and main-stream tv shows composing/producing music in a wide range of genres varying from romantic-classical to avant- garde.
His music is pumping, funky, deep and exciting. With every beat, every loop and every sound he lays down to make up a track, constantly thinking of the people who’ll be dancing to it, how to make them rock the floor on one hand, while tickling the audio analyzing parts of their brains on the other 🙂
For every sound or the absence of it there’s a reason and every tick has its role. Dance like there’s no tomorrow.