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X-Change is a producer, DJ and artist who has produced original music, uptempo bass remixes and DJ mixes since he started his musical career DJ’ing college parties around the Metro Detroit area. His passion for music grew as he listened to everything from Electronic Dance Music, Pop/Rock, Hip-Hop/RnB and Miami Bass Music. He quickly got into the production side of music, where his ability to produce and structure whole songs from a killer bass line, melody, lyric or drum beat gave him an advantage. X-Change is now known as a DJ, recording artist, producer, engineer and song writer with an ear for excellent sound quality. X- Change is currently working on his new iTunes Podcast titled X-Change Theory Radio. It features the newest EDM and dance music as well as popular favorites and his very own original dance music. Make sure to follow X-Change on Facebook and Twitter for the latest remix updates and all music news! Thanks for your support!