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Ice Cream

Bonzai Classics BCD2016296 29 February, 2016

  • Ice Cream (Original Mix)

    M.I.K.E., John '00' Fleming

  • Ice Cream (John '00' Fleming Remix)

    M.I.K.E., John '00' Fleming

  • Ice Cream (M.I.K.E. Remix)

    M.I.K.E., John '00' Fleming

Two trance legends joined forces in 2002 during a peak time in trance to give us the superb Ice Cream. As well as the Original Mix which was a solid trancer, we got a remix from each artist. M.I.K.E. dished out his beautifully intricate melodic trance while John 00 Fleming went dark and driving on the remix, a definite must have for any serious trance fan.