It’s no surprise Danny Patterson, aka DPP, is hooked on electronic music. Surrounded by computers and music from childhood, Danny began programming computers at the age of 8. His teenage years were spent gigging arround Florida in bands playing keys and trumpet. After stumbling upon trackers when he was 13, he began to teach himself to write electronic music. It wasn’t until later that he discovered the music he was producing was an entire popular genre. In 2001 he began attending Florida State Univercity with the intent on a Computer Science degree. Toward the end of 2003, Danny’s first single 3X1CO was signed and released. Shortly after, Danny begin working with well known and talented producer BT on numerous projects including the score for the Patty Jenkin Academy Award winning feature film Monster. Danny transferred to Berklee College Of Music in Boston, MA to study Music Synthesis in 2005 with the hopes of strengthening and developing his musicality. Now a year later his very first artist album is seeing the light. A true experiment of electronic music as we haven’t heard lately!!!