DJ Furax aka Alexandre joins the roster on our new Bonzai Classics series with a raucous rendition of the legendary Soushkin by Dream Your Dream. With an extreme energy level and master technique, Furax combines various harder styles into one blend of high quality music. He is passionate about music and is inspired by the sounds of Amnesia, Conffeti’s and Lords of Acid. He started to DJ at just 15 and in 1993 he got his first official gig, since then he went on to share the decks with a host of top jocks from around the world. Aside from his many Belgium based residencies, he has performed at large events such as B2S, Q-Dance, ID&T. He was the first artist to introduce live performances in Belgium where all his compositions and remixes were carried out on real time. These live acts have existed for over 10 years now under the names Hip-notic 303 and more recently, FVL LIVE and now Furax Fire Force as well as his totally new concept A Truth LIVE, with remixes of all the best hits out at the moment and retro remixes of his own compositions.

Karim Boux and Roel Reynders where responsible for some of Bonzai’s most famous releases as Dream Your Dream, but they also cut some fine wax as Belgica Wave Party, Dreamland and The Daltons. Karim was also known for his A B C And D guise as well as being part of the Thunderball duo with Jan Vervloet. Roel also ran out as Traxcalibur and made up one half of Attaboy, also with Jan Vervloet. Between them, these guys recorded some huge tracks that still offer much today. Soushkin was the follow up to their first Bonzai outing – II The Belgica Wave Anthem, in 1993. The intro alone would be used in many sets and when that voice came and the melody kicked in you knew the place was going to rock and rock hard. On the remix today we get a healthy dosing of the original vocals which will be to the delight of many. Right from the off we’re thrown into the heart of a pumping retro infused groove thanks to those familiar synths and melodies. A muted kick drum leads the way as hoover style synths rise up alongside snappy snares and shuffling rhythmic percussions. The carnival atmosphere of the original comes through as the energy levels rise. On the break we get a short respite before those screeching notes join in and take us up to a powerful climax and some gabber-esque kick drums. A massive remix that will definitely separate the serious hard headed clubber from the toe tappers.